Homiletically Informed

Sermon Design is built with an eye toward contemporary Homiletics—the study of Preaching. It isn't software built for somebody else's work, but specifically for ours.

Non-Linear Workflow

Work on different components of the sermon as they occur to you, while keeping an eye on the big picture. No more beginning with a blank page and trying to write the sermon from beginning to its end.

Movement Based

Sermon Design helps you build your sermons with intentional movements. An expanding library of movements will help you break out of your ruts and explore new ways of creating sermons. And if there's something that you need but isn't included, Sermon Design gives you the space to create your own movement types.

Formative Forms

Once you know what you're trying to do with the sermon, Sermon Design helps you figure out how to get there by letting you try out different forms to see which one will best fit your purposes.

Get Organized

Sermon Design lets you look into the future to plan your sermons. That way you can see not just what's happening in the moment, but over time. If you preach using series, it'll help you plan and keep track of those, too.

More Intentionality

Every element of Sermon Design is built to help you be intentional about each phase of the your sermon design process. It won't give you all the answers, but it will help you ask the right questions.