Sermon Design Help

Plan Stage

Everything starts in the Plan view, which you can access three ways: with the "Plan" button on the toolbar, through the "View -> Plan" menu item, or with the keyboard shortcut "Command-1"(⌘-1). Any of those options will bring up the Plan view, which is designed to help you organize sermons and get some context for what you have been preaching lately. The Plan view consists of three tables: "All Series", "Active Series", and the "Sermons" table.

We'll begin with the "All Series" table, which is located in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.

The "All Series" table is the top level container for all the information you have stored in the app. If you don't organize your sermons into series, simple create a single master series, and drag the slider (on the left edge of the Sermons table) all the way over to the left. The slider will stay hidden and all of your sermons will simply be organized into a single container.

The All-Series table consists of only two columns, one displaying the Series Title and one displaying a checkbox to denote whether the series is "active" or not. (If this box is checked, then the series will show up in the "Active Series" table discussed below.) More information about each series can be entered and accessed through a pop-up window by selecting the blue information button (blue circle with i) at the bottom of the table.

Also at the bottom of the table are two buttons which add(+) and remove(-) series. Adding a series creates a new series with an "active" status.