Sermon Design Help

Structure Stage

This is the stage where the Sermon Design app really shines, by helping you creatively imagine the shape of the sermon. Having listened to the text and developed a focused sense of what the sermon will attempt to accomplish, the structure stage is all about finding the right form for the sermon to accomplish its task. The app will also help you consider alternative forms for the sermon, forms which you might not have considered otherwise.

On the left hand side of the "Structure" view you'll find a pop-up menu above a well of different colored 'cards'. These cards represent different types of sermonic movements. These may be combined in different patterns to form the structure of the sermon. If you select a different option in the pop-up menu, you'll be presented with a different collection of cards, perhaps representing a particular sermon form. By dragging cards onto the canvas on the right, you will begin to see the structure of the sermon come together, with different "movements" of the sermon marking how the sermon flows together.