Okay everyone, I’m really excited to say that I’ve releasedsubmitted the next major update for the Mac version of Sermon Design, which will allow you to sync your data with iOS devices (iPhones, iPads) via Apples’s iCloud service.

This has been a very, very tricky update, and I want to offer a couple of notes about it.

One of my biggest priorities has been to do this update in a way that protects previously created data and sermons. There’s a lot of work going on under the hood the first time you load the update to make sure that happens. I think I’ve gotten as good a handle on that as I can, but honestly this iCloud business can simply be finicky stuff, and there may be some odd results out there. If that happens, contact me at Steven[at]SermonDesign.com, and I”ll do my best to get it fixed for you. Don’t freak out too much if it gets weird—the first thing the app does in this update is back up your data, so even if it doesn’t show up immediately, it should still be there and we should be able to get you set. I really don’t think there will be problems, but I can only test so much, and with iCloud that’s even trickier.

If you accept using iCloud when the app loads, Sermon Design will try to merge your existing data into the iCloud database. that might take a minute or two, depending on the size of your work so far. Also, Just know that it takes a few seconds for changes on your mac to show up on your phone, and vice versa.

All that said, it’s a pretty sweet update, and the ease of having your sermons synced between the two environments is fantastic.  I think you’re going to love it.

(I expect the update to be released by Apple on Feb 24 or 25.)

Sermon Design 2.0 for Mac | iCloud Support

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